VJC Private Wealth

Adrian Chaudhary  FCA, CFP, CFP.  Adrian is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (FCA), a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and a Justice of the Peace (JP), he is the principal adviser of the VJC Private Wealth service comprising 3 boutique advice businesses that provide Accountancy, Taxation, Wealth management, planning and investment advisory as well as lending and finance services.

Established 30 years ago the business has a reputation for providing intelligent advice with integrity that focuses on wealth creation for the individual. VJC clients have direct principal contact and Adrian's unique experience and qualifications mean that clients benefit from a single source for their wealth advice, it is rare a single person can deliver quality advice in all 3 faculties but when this is achieved it is more powerful and cost effective.

A considerable amount of Adrian's time is spent keeping abreast of the latest technical and practical solutions for his clients and VJC has an extensive network of specialist professional partners that enhances its advice giving capacity.

In his spare time Adrian likes to mentor his clients, facilitation of your goals is VJC's objective, he is a senior instructor in a reputable kung fu lineage, keen golfer and sports fan and enjoys fitness activities including yoga.

Along with its  Athletes, Optimus Sports Management endorses its association with VJC Private wealth services by utilising all of its many skills in accounting, wealth management and financial planning.